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Personalized sports drinks adjusted to your bodies' needs, specially mixed for

each phase of your workout.

    Pre                                       During                                         Post


Thanks to the wide range of ingredients stored inside the dispenser, EIRA is able to provide to a variety of dietary and exersize based needs. It can create drinks containing Vitamins, Minerals & Proteins.

Each cartridge contains premium water soluble powdered

ingredients & supplements.


Walk up to the dispenser, select your user on the screen or connect to the device with your smartphone (*if you have installed the EIRA app).

You can review your performance on the go, create personalized drink recipes and update your workout sheets through the EIRA Mobile Application. This also gives you the opportunity to speed up your drink mixing as you can just walk up to the device and quick select your drink by pressing the workout phase button.


 '' Your new workout fuel, EIRA, mixed for performance ''

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