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FAINO is an experience designed to help you reach your physical activity objectives through the creation of personalized mementos


The physicalization of the digital data into tangible objects is a direct reflection point on the ever-growing trend of the ‘Quantified Self’, defined as the ‘’cultural phenomenon of self-tracking with technology’’ and "self-knowledge through numbers". By measuring ourselves with a series of sensors and devices (Smartphone, smartwatches, fitness bands and a variety of other devices) we collect a myriad of data by which we are often overwhelmed and ultimately cannot comprehend accurately. FAINO wants to be an exception.

So, how does it work?


Download the Faino App and connect your third party activity tracking device or app. All

your exercises will be displayed on the Faino Dashboard for you to consult, and will work

towards you achieving your goal and receiving your Tokens!

There are two available types of subscriptions.


The first is a long term incentive plan dedicated to reaching specific training goals and medical rehabilitation objectives, with the aim of creating a connection with the user and the ability to physically see (and touch) his progress through the tokens.

The second is a short term personalized memento, dedicated to a special event such as a holiday or a marathon, transformed into a collection of tokens that can be carried around and become amongst other things a conversation starter.


FAINO, We make activity matter.

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