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Replaceable Filter

Urban Mask


Research & Development


Designed for Urban Commuters

Narvalo, from University Project to Startup

The concept of Narvalo begins at the Politecnico di Milano School of Design, were I research and develop the topic of 'respiratory protection against pollution' during my Master Degree Thesis. At the same time, the project is selected as one of the winners of Switch2Product, a competition that selects innovative projects in collaboration with Polihub and Deloitte.

I was also selected as a 'Talent in Residence' at Polifactory (Makerspace and Research Lab @Polimi), giving me the opportunity to experiment with digital manufacturing technologies.

During the final development stages I pitched the project to BLS, a company specialized in engineering and producing respiratory protection devices for industrial use, who immediately showcase their interested in the project, giving me the opportunity to startup Narvalo as

Co-Founder and CEO.


During the following years (2020-2022) we have launched a Kickstarter Campaign, obtained a Red Dot Award Product Design and were selected for the ADI Design Index, and furthermore, amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic, the global electronics component shortage and contained resources of the Startup were able to design, source and deliver thousands of products to our clients.


Help people live a healthy lifestyle

starting from their breath, by

developing highly innovative products

and services regarding the air we

breathe and its quality.


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