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Various Activities

Following is a selection of projects and activities.

1 // Hasseblad Mirror Frame

A friend of mine owns (and uses extensively) a Hasselblad 500C from the sixties but recently a critical component was damaged and the camera was left unusable. After some research and not finding a suitable replacement, I decided to reverse engineer the piece, and after a quick and dirty FDM prototype to validate the model, I ordered the component printed in glass filled nylon through an online 3D printing service.

The camera has been restored to its original glory and functionality!

2 // Cement Candle Holder (3D printed mould)

An experiment consisting of casting cement in a 3D printed mould. I designed the mould with simple surfaces and draft angles for optimal cast extraction! More to follow soon.

3 // Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry Exercise. Hardware : Nikon D7200, Software: Photoscan (Agisoft), Meshmixer, Meshlab, Photoshop, Maya

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